The Ultimate Mentorship Platform for Eco-preneurs

This is the optimal hub where Top-Notch entrepreneurs converge to mentor Eco-preneurs on their journey towards creating sustainable, successful green enterprises!

Are you an Eco-preneur?

Learn Faster and Better by Talking to Experts 1:1

The internet is full of information, but not all of it is useful or relevant to your learning goals. It takes a lot of time and effort to find and filter the contents that matters to you. Cut through the noise and get specific, clear advice directly from the experts.

Mentorship is the surest way to succeed in business

EKONNECT is a transformative project dedicated to fostering the growth of local Eco-preneurs through the power of technology and mentorship. At EKONNECT, we recognize the crucial role that environmentally conscious entrepreneurs play in addressing global challenges. Our initiative is rooted in providing mentorship, guidance, and business linkages to empower Eco-preneurs on their journey towards creating sustainable enterprises.

Are you an industry expert passionate about women's economic empowerment and wondering how you can get involved? Join our mentors and contribute to the success of our organization and youth entrepreneurs in Kenya.

Embrace an Eco-centric Approach to Growth

Eko-nnect is designed for environmentally conscious individuals eager to invest in their development. Unlock the power of a dedicated team of mentors and coaches committed to helping you thrive in the realm of sustainable entrepreneurship.


Generate ecological wealth by addressing environmental challenges and creating sustainable value for society. Learn how to apply eco-centric strategies to your business for both prosperity and positive environmental impact.


Cultivate ecological health in both mind and body to foster resilience in your eco-entrepreneurial journey. Collaborate with coaches specializing in eco-friendly living, sustainable nutrition, and mindful practices to optimize your overall well-being.


Attain eco-happiness by aligning your purpose and passions with your eco-entrepreneurial endeavors. Foster meaningful relationships within your eco-conscious team and make a lasting positive impact on the planet.